Story behind Frozen 'cake fail' thaws hearts

Spot the difference?
Spot the difference? Photo: Reddit

It did the internet rounds a few days ago. Now its ridiculed baker, Lisa Randolph-Gant has revealed the reasons for the freakish edible Queen Elsa incarnation. "...Here is the back story ...I had just lost my grandmother and I had been with my Mom all day comforting her...I had two hours to get it done and delivered," she told the Daily Mail UK.

And Murphy's Law got her bad. The cake was rained on as it was delivered, resulting in her wiping down poor Elsa's face. The outcome, posted on our Facebook page, looks Frozen alright – yet in a facelift rather than Disney kind of way.

The internet trolls were silenced, however, when Ms Randolph-Gant publicised that the iced disaster had philanthropic purpose. A sick little girl, Briana, had specifically requested it via the charity Icing Smiles.

This Frozen 'cake fail' was actually a charitable success.
This Frozen 'cake fail' was actually a charitable success. Photo: Facebook

In true Disney style, this story had the most charmingly uplifting ending. The baker uploaded a photo of her with the wonky-eyed, orange-skinned creation and a beaming Briana. The caption: "This is my icing smiles cake, she loved it."

Just goes to show you can't judge a cake fail by its viral picture.