Strangers to attend ultimate water balloon party for boy with no friends

Camden Eubank has trouble making friends.
Camden Eubank has trouble making friends.  Photo: Facebook

Worried there wasn't going to be enough people for the water balloon fight at their son's birthday party a family from Virginia took to Facebook to ask for help.

And boy did Facebook respond.

Nine-year-old Camden Eubank has Apraxia of speech and has trouble making friends.

Camden Eubank wants an ultimate water balloon fight party with 2,000 balloons for his birthday.
Camden Eubank wants an ultimate water balloon fight party with 2,000 balloons for his birthday.  Photo: Facebook

Almost ten, all Camden wants for his birthday is to have an "ultimate water balloon fight party with 2,000 balloons and lots of kids," says the Facebook page set up for Camden's 10th birthday party which will be held on Monday July 6 at Troutville Park, Virginia.

Camden is a very smart kid who excels at math, loves history and wants to be a country music singer when he grows up.

"Because of the issues with articulation and some impulsiveness he has a really hard time making friends," the page explains.

"We home school Camden because he would have a very hard time in a classroom setting, because he is hyperactive and as I mentioned above, impulsive.

"I also chose to home school him because I didn't want the labels he would've gotten in a public school setting- those labels follow you the rest of your life."

Camden has been going to speech therapy since he was two. Although he has made "great improvements", he has a long way to go. 


Before the Facebook invite, the guest list included his sister, her friend and "some cousins". Camden did have an older friend who "recently decided he's too cool to hang out with a 'little kid that can't talk right'".

"I know all kids should learn disappointment in life - but sometimes other kids are so cruel," reads the post.

So far the page has been liked over 2,500 times and the town of Troutville, including the local Fire Brigade, are coming together to make Camden's day special.

"I'm going to bring my 7 year old and my 3 year old! Let's make this little boy's birthday so special," wrote Courtney Furrow on Facebook. 

For those that can't make it, gifts and cards have been sent to Camden from all over the world.

A Go Fund Me Page has been set up to help cover the costs of the party.

His family wrote on their fundraising page, "The emails and stories people have sent are truly touching and I know we're not alone and Camden WILL have the birthday party of his dreams." 

For more information or to get in touch with Camden and his family visit their Facebook page.