Target-loving kid gets his ultimate 7th birthday party... inside a Target store

Maximum party goals were achieved when a mum thought outside the box to give her son a party no-one else has ever had.

The awesomeness of Target in the USA is legendary and one kid's devotion to the department store chain led his mother to make a very unusual request. 

Knowing that Target didn't offer kids' parties, mum Kara Cook approached management about the possibility of hosting a birthday party for her son Parker's birthday inside their local store in Liverpool New York state.

Photo: George J. Patterson/Jordan Himes
Photo: George J. Patterson/Jordan Himes 

Seven-year-old Parker has been a fan of Target since he was a toddler, with Kara telling Buzzfeed that if she ever goes while he's at school she has to hide any evidence that she went there without him.

The manager of the store approved the party as long as they didn't disrupt normal store operations and so the preparations began. Kara made a Target-themed party invite instructing guests to wear a red shirt and khaki pants.

Party-goers arrived to find the store's cafe set up with red and white balloons and an array of Target-themed activities including decorated staff badges and beaded Target jewellery.

There was a scavenger hunt which was finished up with shopping in the $1 aisle (called Dollar Spot) and Icees for everybody. Target had even made sure there was a special register just for Parker's party guests.

Kara says that it was the easiest kids party she has ever thrown as all the food came from the Target cafe and she supplied the cake. All over in just 1.5 hours, it proved a memorable experience for Parker who had the first party ever at Target; that's a claim to fame no-one can ever take away from him.

After seeing this, we're sure Target stores across the US are going to be inundated with party requests. They probably don't even know what they've started.