Throw a vintage farm party

Rebecca's second birthday party.
Rebecca's second birthday party. Photo: Bright Girl Photography

Combining childhood memories from their grandpa’s farm and the birthday girl’s love of animals, Liesel and Gitta from Glee projects created this adorable farm themed party for Rebecca’s second birthday.

Steering away from the typical mud and mess usually associated with a farm, Liesel and Gitta steered the decor towards ribbons, pinwheels, milk bottles and bunting to give this event a girly feel.

Each child was given a pail containing all the goodies needed to boot-scoot the day away, including an animal party hat, which made for some great photos. (See the photo gallery of Rebecca's party here)

To help take some of the stress out of planning the perfect kids' party we have gathered a list of everything you need and a little more to create a farm party just like Rebecca's.


Send out invitations with a farm animal theme, you can either make your own or download and print this invite we created for you. Don’t forget to tell everyone to dress up.


Any table can be easily styled to bring a farm feel to your yard or living room. A simple, checked table cloth makes a great base and can be decorated with this easy knot bunting tutorial made from patterned and plain fabrics. Bales of hay bring a novelty seat to the table and can be purchased or hired for about $15 a bale. For some finishing touches download and print these milk bottle tags and frame this fresh milk sign for the table. 

farm decor

Costume ideas

Provide a few simple accessories and watch the kids get into the spirit of the party. Have a dress-up box including bandanas and straw hats. Alternatively, create these cow party hats, and masks.

Party food

The party food table is usually the key element that ties the theme together. Whilst serving sweets at a party might be expected it's a good idea to have some healthier options available too. Below are is a list of recipes guaranteed to fill up their bellies ready for an afternoon of fun and games.


party food


Get the party started with a range of farm games. Most traditional activities can be re-worked to suit any theme, for example, Old MacDonald says or moo-sical chairs. To mix things up we have included a few new ones. 


Farm bowling
Create your own set of pins by filling empty coke bottles with sand. Download and attach these farm animal images to the front of the bottles, grab a ball and start bowling.

Plant a pot
Purchase pea pots and lettuce plants from Bunnings for an educational outdoor activity that they can take home and watch grow.

Animal round up
Hide animals around the yard or hay and send your farmers to find them.

Piggy snout craft
Have a craft table set up for kids to make and wear these cute piggy snouts using egg cartons.

Get this look

To save you hunting down all the extra bits, here are a few more items to get your pink farm party under way.


  1. Vintage style eggs carton, $5, from Shop Sweet LuLu
  2. Pink striped paper cups, $6.95. from The Little Big Company.
  3. Old school milk bottle crate, $29.95 from Lark.
  4. Light pink party plates, $6.95, from The Little Big Company.
  5. Garden roses wooden produce tray, $29.99, from Lark.
  6. Mini milk glass bottles, $1.95 per bottle,  and pinked striped straws, $5.95 per 25 from The Little Big Company.
  7. Farm animal cookies, $5 each, Hause of Cake.
  8. Silver tin bucket, $2.95, from Pink Frosting.
  9. Wooden berry baskets, $2 each, from Shop Sweet LuLu.

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