You've been cutting and storing cakes all wrong - here's how to do it the scientific way

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Everything you thought you knew about cutting cakes, well you're just going to have to start again.

Luckily you have this wonderful scientific guide by Numberphile, which will make you the one taking control of the cake cutting at all future parties, whether you're the host or not.

Cutting a round cake into triangles is the most assured road to cake cutting failure. There is no way to really assure nice, uniform slices and siblings will collapse to the floor in a flood of tears when they see their sibling has a bigger piece than they do.

Time to try cutting cakes the correct way.
Time to try cutting cakes the correct way. Photo: YouTube

This can all be avoided with mathematician Alex Bellos' method for cutting cake which also provides a built-in way for storing the leftover cake to keep it fresh. Watch it here:

The method doesn't come without its share of criticisms, however, with points made that the cake to icing ratio would not be palatable this way.

One commenter wrote, "Cutting a circular cake in what is known as the pie or triangular shape; allows for each slicing to have a better balance of more icing in collection to the slice of the cake, giving an equal amount of extra icing for each person."

We know lots of icing avoiders though, so we're sure some would be happy with this arrangement. 

Another commenter thought the video creator didn't really understand how much families love cake.


"I think he's overestimating how long a cake lasts in the average household." He has a point.

It would also get much trickier to do this with a cake covered in buttercream icing or cream. But we still think it is worth the peace it will bring when every child has the exact same sized slice of delicious cake.

Now, go test out this scientific method for yourself. Any excuse for cake. Are we right?