Girl fined over lemonade stand is back in business

 Photo: Shutterstock

A 5-year-old girl who received worldwide attention after she was fined for running a lemonade stand is enjoying a happier end to her story, receiving dozens of offers to legally run her stand at other events.

The girl had originally set up a stand near her home to sell lemonade to people heading to the Lovebox music festival in east London a week ago. But half an hour later, the girl was ordered to shut down the stand, and her father Andre Spicer, a business school professor, was fined around $250.

Andre and his upset daughter packed up the stand and returned home. Andre told the BBC, "She just wanted to put a smile on people's faces. She was really proud of herself."

After the story was shared around the world and people expressed their outrage, Tower Hamlets Council cancelled the fine and hand-delivered a note of apology to the family.

Andre shared a note on Twitter encouraging children all over the world to #MakeAStand and sell their own home-made lemonade, hand-drawn comics or home-grown vegetables. "We learn through doing," Andre tweeted. "Making a stand is a great opportunity for kids to share their interests, build confidence, and contribute to our communities."

The little girl has been offered a job at dozens of events selling her lemonade. Andre has not confirmed which opportunities, if any, she will be taking up.