Holiday activity ideas

Looking for some inspiration to stave off the "I'm bored" chant these school holidays? Click through our gallery of activity ideas that range from free, cheap or a little more expensive. You are sure to find something nearby to suit your family's budget, timeframe, location and interests.

Library - Stock up on some great holiday reading.
Local park - How can you go wrong with play equipment, bike paths, room to kick a ball, picnic tables and BBQs? make an afternoon of it and have an early dinner there.
Local waterplay park - Many local councils have a water play park for use in the summer months.
Beach - Head to the coast for a morning swim and play on the sand.
Playdates at friends - If you offer one, you are sure to get one offered in return.
Local skate park - For kids on scooters, skateboards, roller skates/blades and bikes.
Local bike park/path - Check your local council area if you have a dedicated bike play park near you.
Cooking/baking/meal planning - Let the kids help you fill the freezer with tasty muffins and cakes ready for school lunchboxes.
Reading - Did the kids get a lovely pile of books at Christmas they can get into?
Bush walking - Head out to the nearest National Park and find a walk suitable for your kids' age and fitness.
Backyard camping - Don't have the time to get away camping with the family, help set up the tent in the backyard and let them have a sleep out.
Backyard (or outing) picnic - Liven up a simple lunch by taking it outside with all the picnic trimmings.
Boardgames - Too hot or raining today? Grab a boardgame.
Train, tram, ferry or bus trip - Sometimes it's just the journey that is the most interesting.
Kite flying - If you don't have a kite, hit the web for some instructions to make your own first.
Rock platform rambles - Choose a beach with a rock platform with a bunch of rock pools to search for creatures.
Chill at home - Holidays should be used to relax and recharge after the past school year.
Geocaching - You'd be surprised to know there are probably a few right in your own suburb. Happy hunting!
Crafting - Dig out the craft supply box and let them get creative (air-drying clay, paint, chalk the footpath or driveway, cardboard box city ...etc).
Public pool - Indoor or outdoor whatever is nearby to cool off.
Ice skating rink - If you have a local Ice rink near, it is a great way to chill out in the middle of summer.
Roller skating rink - Mums and dads might want to get on the floor in some old school quad skates and the kids might like blades - most rinks offer hire for both.
Play centre - Younger kids will love an afternoon at a play centre and get all their sillies and energy out.
Trampoline centre - Grab some buddies and head to a trampoline park for a few hours for some serious jumping good fun.
Inflatable play centre - These are popping up all over the place.
Water theme park - Spend a morning or a whole day at one of the big water theme parks, don't forget sunscreen, water bottle and a packed lunch.
Art Gallery - Escape the heat and head into one of the many art galleries, many will have free exhibits while others will have some special touring exhibits that will have a fee.
Museum - There is surely a museum that will have an exhibit of interest to your kids, from dinosaurs, to history, to science and technology - many with lots of great hands on activities - you can easily spend a whole day out.
Cinema - With a fun list of family movies on offer these holidays, grab the popcorn and settle in to those comfy cinema seats for a few hours. Also, don't forget to see if your town has family friendly outdoor cinema events over the coming weeks.
Bowling - Book a lane or two at the local bowling alley and challenge the kids to a game.  Alternatively, check your local lawn bowling green to see if there is kid friendly bare-foot lawn bowls to wile away a sunny afternoon.
Mini golf - Crazy golf, putt putt or mini golf, call it what you will, but the kids will have a fun day out trying for a hole in one.
Laser tag/skirmish - Often at the same venue as a cinema or bowling, laser tag is great with a group of friends.
Indoor climbing - Instead of the kids climbing the walls at home, they can scale the walls with a safety harness.
Zoo/aquarium/reptile park - Visit your children's favourite animals and creatures at the zoo, aquarium or reptile park for a whole day out activity.
Farm fruit picking - Research online if you are nearby to any fruit picking farms for a pick-your-own bucket option.
Holiday Camps - There is sure to be a holiday camp activity to suit your kids interests (soccer, cricket, martial arts, climbing, orienteering, coding, craft, dance, acting, etc)