Vivid: 10 best light displays for kids

Vivid for kids: Best light events for kids.
Vivid for kids: Best light events for kids. Photo: JACK ATLEY

It's that time of year again where Sydney lights up and kids have a whole new playground to explore after dark.

Running from May 22 until June 8, Vivid Sydney have loads of light events for the whole to family enjoy.

For those who aren't able to get around to see everything the festival has to offer, we have selected the ten best light displays for kids. 

Piano Stairs

The external stairway of the iconic AMP Building at Circular Quay is transformed into a giant piano keyboard. Children can put on an impromptu performance as their steps trigger musical notes and lights, or play a series of scales as you walk up or down the stairs. The stairs can be found opposite Customs House.


The Affinity installation uses light to depict the complexity and connectivity of the human brain. The display features a set of orbs to represent neurons. Using light and sound, kids can get an idea of the rapid-fire transmission of messages between neurons. Affinity can be found at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay.



Dolly is a three metre tall crotchet doll. Both kids and adults can get a cuddle from Dolly's extra-long arm and soft body. Dolly can be found at Campbells Cove.

Swing Glow

Not just any old playground, kids can have a swing on this illuminated swing set. As they swing into the air, curved trajectories of coloured light appear in their trail. Find the Swing glow at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay.

Duck Duck Goose

This game has been reinvented to include light and sounds. Revolving around nine plastic containers, the installation represents circle games. The light and sound will speed up or slow down. Each sequence will build to a finale to indicate the lights are back to the start. Find Duck Duck Goose at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay.

Drum Circle

Drum circle links people's drum beats with light. Kids can beat to the sound of their own drum and the light show will adjust according to their rhythm. Drum circle can be found at Martin Place.

Toy Shadows

Motion sensors trigger sounds and movement of silhouettes that include the menacing silhouette of a giant robot. Toy Shadows can be found at Hickson Street, Walsh Bay. 


Kids and adults can run, chase and play with their own shadows being projected onto the walls at Cadmans Cottage. Inter/Play can be found at The Rocks.


A set of translucent shapes flash to represent the beating heart. Responding to touch, the beat of the light will connect to the pulse of the person touching it and adjust to match their heartbeat. Beat can be found at Hickson Road Reserve.

Monster World

As you approach this installation, monsters will appear and follow your movements. Waving at a monster may result in one waving back or it may decide to use another gesture of its own. Monster World can be found at Playfair St, The Rocks.

For more information visit Vivid Sydney.

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