Who remembers Australia's Wonderland?

Memories will come flooding back when you look through this gallery of one of Australia's favourite theme parks of the 90s, Australia's Wonderland.

Located in Eastern Creek in Western Sydney, Wonderland opened its gates in December 1985. At At the time it was the largest amusement park in the Southern Hemisphere and remained open for almost 19 years.

With areas named Hanna-Barbera Land, Transylvania, Goldrush, Old Botany Baby and The Beach, The Australian Wildlife Park, as well as live shows and food outlets, the park was a huge day out for the whole family.

Wonderland expanded in 1988, adding the Beach with water slides and swimming areas, and again in 1990 to add The Australian Wildlife Park. Sadly these additions were not enough to make the park profitable, with operators forced to lock the gates for good in April 2004.

Here is a look back at all the great rides and activities that were there.


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What was your favourite ride or memory of going to Australia's Wonderland in Sydney?

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