Adult advent calendars to get you through December

Photo: Boozebud
Photo: Boozebud 

December can be long. It can also be happy, full, loving, crazy and festive... but yes, long.

Because kids generally get the lion's share of excitement and fun at Christmas time, we've searched out some adult advent calendars to get you through what can feel like the longest month in the year.

No longer limited to to just wine and beer, companies have become craftier about their advents, catering also to chocolate, tea, gin, cider, rum and whiskey afficcionados.

Here's a rather nice selection - order in time for December 1, or you'll be playing catch up.

1. Beer Cartel

This is the craft beer calendar for those who turn their noses up at Crown Lager, VB and the like. Some of the selections have been specially created for this absolute cracker of a calendar, and there are 24 beers in total. It's $119.99 from Beer Cartel, who also stock a cider version for the same price.

2. English Tea Shop Organic Book Style Advent Calendar


Something non-alcoholic here for people who love their tea. The English Tea Shop Organic Book Style Advent Calendar is kinder on the hip pocket too, at just $19.95 from Nourished Life. You'll find a full listing of tea flavours on the site.

3. Boozebud


For 2018, Boozebud have advent calendars for lovers of white wine, red wine, gin, rum and cider, though some of these have already sold out. Prices start at $99.40.

4. Kikki K


For the stationery-obsessed and home -loving, the Kikki-K advent calendar is an undeniably stylish adult advent calendar. At $149.95 it's definitely a bit of a splurge, but many wouldn't blink an eyelid at spending that on a boozy advent, so why not some good quality knick knacks?​

5. Aldi


​A bit cheaper and certainly cheerful, the Aldi beer advent will set you back $59.99 and the wine version $79.99.

6. L'Occitane


​For beauty lovers, you can't go past the sheer luxury of 24 L'Occitane surprises to take you through to Christmas Day. It's $95 from L'Occitane - go to the site to see if your favourites are in the pack.


If these options are all too downmarket then there's always the world's most expensive advent calendar, due to be unveiled at Sydney's QVB on December 1.

Worth an astonishing $4 million, Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier enlisted master cabinet maker and designer Tim Garside to create a stunning calendar "...designed to reflect the architectural style and details one sees in the famous Queen Victoria Building," to mark the building's 120th anniversary and also Mondial's 25th year at the QVB.

It took 18 months to make and even if you can't afford to buy it, it will be well worth a look-see. Let's hope they post the opening of each door on Insta.


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