Am I being unfair? Mum questions her Christmas present plan

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It's a scenario most of us will be oh-so familiar with - losing it and confiscating our kids' electronic devices for an hour/forever. One mum, whose kids' behaviour resulted in the latter, has taken to Reddit with a Christmas conundrum: is it OK to re-gift the tablets as new ones?

"My kids, six and seven, each had an iPad mini," she writes. "Over the summer they were having a rough time, constantly fighting with each other and just being brats in general."

Fed up, the mum says took the tablets away and told the kids they were being sold. "Tears were shed. The iPads were cleaned up, put back into their original boxes, accessories packed away, ready for sale."

And yet, she couldn't go ahead with it.

"They went into a box in the closet," the mum continues. "Summer passed, fall passed. The kids have been great and I feel they've earned them back."

With Christmas coming, and money "super tight" the mum came up with an idea - clear the iPads with a factory reset, buy a couple of new cases as a distraction and pop them under the tree?

Kind of genius, right?

Reddit agreed, declaring that mum was not the a**hole for the re-gift situation.

"Money's tight so don't spend it needlessly," one commenter wrote. "You have gifts ready and waiting and if they go back to being little buggers well that's next year's present as well."

"Nah," said another. "The children are six and seven. They will be ecstatic to have their tablets back! You could leave a note from Santa (if you celebrate that way) explaining why their good behaviour has earned their toys back. I feel like an explanation in some way is necessary here, especially because they earned it."

Others, however, suggested the mum should leave Father Christmas out of it. "Couldn't you just give them back for Christmas, specify that they're getting them back because you're proud of them for being good, and then spend the money you were going to spend on new cases on a small extra gift? said one.

"If they still believe in Santa ... get a smaller inexpensive gift from him for the magic of Santa and tell them the truth about their iPads and take the opportunity to praise them for good behaviour," another wrote. "Reward the behaviour you want to see and give them the behaviour you want them to learn/mimic."