Christmas gift guide for kids

Modern kids are encouraged to seek out activities based on what they like rather than their gender. This might make gift buying daunting, but you won't go wrong if you look for presents that appeal to kids' sense of adventure, play and imagination.  

Get them outside with games everyone can enjoy. Gifts to make children move don't need to be expensive. Handballs are a firm favourite in the playground, especially those with quirky and fun designs. 

Board games are perfect to keep children busy when the oldies are sleeping off the leftovers.  Track down games that are a bit outside the box. A treasure hunt for goanna footprints can connect city kids to the Aussie outback. While a wooden pinball game will give the small ones a high-octane thrill in outer space.

 Photo: Getty Images

Older kids may want to get their hands on an electronic device, but this doesn't mean grown-ups have to surrender their tablets. Child friendly devices are designed to entertain and educate inquiring minds. With a whole range of fun apps to choose from, parents don't have to worry about inappropriate content.  

For young gamers, consoles continue to provide a myriad of entertainment options.  Encourage hands-on interaction with games that combine screen action with character figurines.

Busy hands and creative brains love to build, so look for kits that will do their imagination justice.  Forget about the usual blocks and find unusual shapes in eye-popping colours to make designs come to life.   Kids can even create their own beach inspired structures with sand that binds together to make modeling easy.  Don't worry, there's no mess so cleaning up is a doddle.

At the end of a hard day's play all kids love to wind down with a good book. Whether they choose to read alone or snuggle in with grown-up, there will be no better companion this Christmas than a loveable wombat called Mothball.