Collapsible Christmas trees are perfect for excelling at lazy decorating

One minute it's a flat, circular thing on the floor, the next a lovely Christmas tree.
One minute it's a flat, circular thing on the floor, the next a lovely Christmas tree. Photo: Morgan & Finch/Bed, Bath & Table

We get it. You're more than several years into this parenting gig and with quite a few Christmases under your belt, it'd be nice if one aspect of it was low stress.

What with end of school year events, reports and parent teacher interviews, work Christmas parties, gift buying for ever-growing extended families, planning the big day as well as holiday care, well it can all get a tad demanding.

May we present, the collapsible Christmas tree, also known as the pop up Christmas tree, which is every bit as silly and wonderful and genius as it sounds.

This one from comes fully decorated.
This one from comes fully decorated. Photo: Innovations

No more painstakingly attaching each and every branch of the correct length on the correct layer of the trunk.

Simply lift the whole thing up, attach to the top of the pole and you have a ready-made, and in some cases, fully decorated Christmas tree.

Most also come with lights already attached so you don't have to worry about untangling vast lengths of knotted Christmas lighting every year either.

It's one less thing you need to spend an hour on if you're not all that fussed about the yearly procedure and we think it's a little bit genius for the time poor or those lacking enthusiasm.

We will also point out the space-saving benefits of these nifty trees. No more having to store hefty, large bags - these store almost flat.

We found collapsible models at varying price points at: 


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