Five gift wrapping hacks for Christmas

Easy ways to make your gifts presentable.
Easy ways to make your gifts presentable.  Photo: Getty Images

There are two types of people at Christmas, those who are amazing at wrapping Christmas presents – and the rest of us. 

Giving friends and family perfectly wrapped presents is a highlight for some, others dread the time spent sitting on the floor trying to figure out where the sticky tape begins.

And don't' even get us started on trying to make ribbon curl.

To help you through the gift giving season, here's five hacks to make wrapping easier.

Use plain ol' brown paper

Photo: The Mom Writes

The cost of all your wrapping paper adds up, and let's face it (depending on who is doing the unwrapping) it's pretty much a given the pretty paper will be ripped and thrown in the bin after serving it's purpose.

Brown craft paper looks great with a piece of ribbon or twine to finish off the presentation.

Wrap diagonally

If you aren't wrapping diagonally, you've been doing it wrong.


Watch the life-changing video above. 

Use recycled chip packets

Photo: Drawings Under the Table

Once the chips have been devoured, the packet can be turned inside out to reveal metallic wrapping paper.

Before scoffing at this idea, Drawings Under the Table says: "I know it sounds kind of gross, but it actually works so well and looks absolutely adorable." Visit the blog for full instructions.

Reuse ribbon

Photo: Real Simple

So you've received some gifts early, the kind embellished with ribbons and bows. Don't throw them out, reuse them.

Real Simple suggests smoothing out any wrinkled ribbons using a light bulb.

Garnish gifts with flora

Photo: Love that Party

Don't want to spend money on pre made bows and ribbons? Love That Party shows you how to wrap using simple white paper and a sprig of rosemary.

This idea isn't limited to herbs, head outside and see what you can find. 

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