Girl, 10, tells parents how she really feels about Santa news, #middlefingeremoji

Little girl's broken heart over Santa news.
Little girl's broken heart over Santa news.  Photo: Facebook/Nicki Adams

A little girl may never speak to her parents again after they told her the truth about Santa.

When Nicki Adams, Maryland, told her daughter, Belle, who Santa really was, she didn't take it well.

In a series of hilarious notes slipped under her parent's door, the 10-year-old expressed exactly how she felt. When words couldn't express her hurt, she turned to a hand-drawn emoji. 

Nicki posted the notes on Facebook saying: "The time has finally come.

"Belle asked point blank about Santa and she's been asking every day. So we were truthful and she may never speak to us again......especially when we lost our ever loving shit at the pictures on the right that she slid under the door to us.....‪#‎dontlaugh".

The time has finally come. Belle asked point blank about Santa and she's been asking every day. So we were truthful and...

Posted by Nicki Adams on  Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Facebook post has been shared over 21,000 times with many parents seeing the funny side to the letters.

"You have no idea what you just did," began the note from Belle to her parents.


"I really tried to believe. Everyone told me it's your parents. I can't believe you anymore. Is the Easter Bunny real? How about the Tooth Fairy, huh? You just ruined a 10-year-old child's LIFE thanks.

"Nothing will make me feel better; you lied to me about something I love that BROKE my heart."

Belle finishes the letter with a hand drawn picture of the middle finger, adding  "#middlefingeremoji".

When the first part of the letter slipped under the door, Nikki said in the comments on Facebook she and her husband Michael were worried about what they had done.

"We went from OMG what did we do, to OMG that's so hilarious that I can't breathe," she said.

Despite the emotional letter, Nikki said Belle was only mad for about an hour.

To soften the blow Nikki told Belle "now she's on Santa's team too to help others believe."

"When she calmed down she was glad to be on our team and she did the elf on the shelf surprise for me this morning."