Glowing Santa wreath


Here's an easy inexpensive and fun wreath for Christmas! It cost under $15 to make and it looks so gorgeous glowing on the front door! Thank you to 'Baby Rabies' for the inspiration!

You will need:


  • Tulle - 6inches x 100 yards (15cm x 91.4cms). You can buy these from Ebay here  for $9.29 (at time of blog post).
  • Santa Hat
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Masking Tape
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Packet of battery operated lights (my set had 20 lights in it)
  • Foam wreath or Pipe Insulation (which is what I used - I bought this at Clarks Rubber for $2.99!)


Step 1

Bind your pipe insulation with the masking tape to form a circle (make sure your Santa Hat fits on the circle).

Step 2

Place your Santa Hat on the wreath & make a make with the pen to see where each side ends on the wreath. Then you’ll only have to tie your tulle around to those marks. 


Step 3

Tie on a long length of tulle to one of the marks.

Step 4

Wrap the tulle around to the next mark - this step ensures the pipe insulation will not show through.


Step 5 

Cut tulle into strips (depending on the length of the 'beard' you want - I cut mine into approximately 35cms in length.

Then start tying each piece around the wreath & securing with a double knot (to make the beard thicker, you can double up two strips & tie them at the same time).

Continue until you cover up to the second mark.

If you would like to add a moustache to your Santa wrap and tie a piece of tulle around the wreath, about 5 cms below where the tulle will meet the hat. Then continue to tie on the strips of tulle until you have your moustache.

Next we move on to the hat. Place the hat onto the wreath & using your glue gun, glue down both sides of the hat.

Then using a small length of ribbon, create a loop & glue the ends together.

Glue this hook to the back of the hat to hang.

Now string the lights around the wreath & place the battery back inside the hat.

Hang on your door & at night time, flick the switch!

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