Mums called 'vulgar' and 'freaky' for putting Christmas tree up early

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There are two guarantees in life - death and taxes - but I'd like to add a third... the yearly stoush about when to put the Christmas tree up.

The debate is raging over at Mumsnet, where mums are slinging terms such as 'vulgar' and 'tacky' at those who partake in early festive decorating, while those deemed late decorators have no Christmas spirit.

It all began when the OP posted this on November 16.

"I know it's 'each to their own' and 'if it isn't harming anyone' etc but my neighbours have their Christmas decorations up... complete with real trees and lights outside. Isn't it just a bit too early?"

Cue the impassioned responses on both sides of the argument, which seems to polarise people like no other topic.

These commenters fall firmly into the 'No' camp.

"Man across the road has been erecting his monstrosities this weekend, if I have enough wine I might go over the the wee small hours with shears and cut the cables, not actually connected yet. They're so vulgar, no other house in the village is as bad."

"It's ruining Christmas spirit for people, having it so OTT from so early on in the year like that."

"Last year due to other commitments I put mine up around November 25. At first it was lovely.. A week later I was fed up. By Xmas I really hated them... I ended up taking them down Xmas night!"


"NOT before December 1st. We need laws. Including the death penalty for shops who put xmas stuff out in September."

In another concurrent thread on the same topic, someone else voiced their opinion loud and clear.

"Never before December, that is so wrong and freaky."

Plenty of people responded that they joyfully put theirs up in mid to late November.

"I can't imagine having an opinion on when others want to put up - or not put up - decorations. Mine have been up for weeks."

Others have heart wrenching reasons for decorating early.

"My grandmother is dying so my family put their decorations up early - not sure she'll make it to Christmas this year but we are hoping as it will be her last one. Hope that's ok with you."

This one feels quite snippy about the whole thing being rehashed again.

"Why on earth does it both you all so much. If you don't want to put them up then don't. If people chose to then that's up to them. Can't see the harm in spreading the magic of Christmas a little longer"

It seems there's only one date that doesn't cause too much argument - December 1 - while there are those who prefer mid-December so that the Christmas spirit stays alive.

Perhaps this person sums it up best of all.

"You're an adult and you can do whatever you like."