Mum's genius Christmas tree hack is one we can all appreciate

Instagram/ sincerelymumsy
Instagram/ sincerelymumsy  

If your life is currently a never-ending pile of laundry then you'll absolutely love this mum's genius Christmas tree.

Mother-of-three and podcaster Jessie Roberts, created the "laundry tree" last year but won more fans and praise after posting it again this week.

And it's not hard to see why. It's minimal effort, oh-so festive and just plain too real.


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"We were going away for two weeks and I couldn't and didn't have time to do the washing," the Melbourne mum to River, 7, Scarlett, 5, and Jagger, 3 wrote. "So Like any creative person... I improvise ... I left it up for 2 weeks."

The hack has gone viral, with mums around the world saying "this is a tree we can do!"

"I think it resonated with so many mums and dads because we all have that pile of clothes somewhere in our homes — dirty or clean — it's if we choose to show it or not," Ms Roberts told TODAY Parents. "When house duties get to be too much, it's better to make light of it than to throw the towel in."

But while she's thrilled to see it resonate, Ms Roberts hopes the post provides comfort to others- and permission not to be perfect.

"It's a good reminder that it's OK to not be on top of your household chores. And some days, we just can't be bothered with adulting."

Amen to that.


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