Mum's genius trick to save parents from Elf on the Shelf this year

Picture: Facebook/Instagram
Picture: Facebook/Instagram 

It's the four little words that spark dread for many parents come Christmas time: Elf on the Shelf.

As if the holiday doesn't demand enough planning from stressed-out, time-poor parents, without having to come up with new and exciting scenarios for a doll every day.

No doubt we have all wished for the elf to take an extended holiday in the North Pole or crossed our fingers a snow storm will delay his arrival, well now one brilliant mind has found a way to use the global pandemic to parents' advantage.

Elf, you see, like thousands of others who have had to travel this year, needs to go into quarantine - giving parents an easy out and a blissful 14 days free from conjuring up his new adventures.

While elf may have been cooking a Christmas cake or finding his way to the garden in the lead-up to Christmas in years gone by, in 2020 he can spend his time safely contained in a glass jar on the kitchen bench. Brilliant. 

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Posted by Hilary Soria on  Friday, 6 November 2020

Mum Hilary Soria posted a photo of the elf in a jar, complete with face mask and hand sanitiser, captioning the pic:

"ELF ON THE SHELF will need to quarantine for 14 days after his trip from the North Pole! This should help you mamas!"

Why yes, indeed it does.


The post has gone viral and has so far been shared almost 400,000 times and received over 13,000 comments from grateful parents. 

One mum joked she had been planning to tell her son the elf had caught COVID-19 to get out of it, but declared this a much better idea.

"I was going to say he hadn't made it through the pandemic. Could you imagine?," she wrote. 

"I have a jar ready!!!!! 14wks of not having to move the bloody thing!," another said. 

No doubt many an elf will find itself checking up on the behaviour of his family's kids from behind a glass wall this year.