The $15 Kmart buy your Elf will thank you for

The $15 Kmart find mums are going mad for.
The $15 Kmart find mums are going mad for. Photo: Kmart

Well, it's October and that means one thing - shops are gearing up for the silly season as the countdown to Christmas begins.

And while you might be groaning at the thought of tackling the Christmas shopping just yet (there's still 11 weeks to go, after all), you might want to get a head-start with this festive find.

Shared on Instagram by Bindy Scott, who blogs at Modern Life Wife, this Christmas Elf door set, available for $15 at Kmart, is generating serious buzz online - and it's not hard to see why.

Take a look:


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"Unlock the magic of Christmas and welcome elves to your homes with this door set," the product description reads.

Along with the door, the set includes LED lights, a mini christmas tree, a bottle of glitter and wall stickers - so kids can add their own personal touch.

The kit comes with a number of festive accessories. Image/Kmart


The door is already proving popular with parents gearing up for Elf on the Shelf and those who loved the Kmart Fairy doors.

As one commenter wrote, it's certainly "a-door-able."

"Kmart are unpacking Christmas as we speak," another wrote on Facebook. "Don't think they realise just how popular this little baby is."

You can shop online here - but don't wait too long!

Thanks to a couple of other sneak peeks, the elf door isn't the only weird and wonderful Christmas item Kmart is selling this year.

Why not decorate your home with one of these light up reindeers, for example?

Or, you could get into the Christmas spirt with a festive headband:


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Perhaps you'd rather enjoy a cold one on a hot Christmas day - straight from Santa's boot.


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Reindeer pinata, anyone?


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Allow me to present this tinsel sausage dog light.

We'll take one of each, thanks.