The family Christmas card that has everyone relating to Emily

THAT sibling will understand.
THAT sibling will understand. Photo: Twitter

If you've ever felt like the only one in your family with nothing to say in this year's Christmas card, you'll relate to Emily.

While others are excited about babies, marriages, university, career changes, and overseas trips, sometimes your year is just a little more…nondescript.

Emily Seawright shard her family's hilarious Christmas card photo which shares exciting news about her siblings – one is getting married, one is having a baby, and a third is excited about some big life changes.

But nothing exciting is happening for Emily.

And don't we all know how it feels to be her?

Emily shared the photo with the caption, "my family's Christmas card this year lmao."

Luckily, Twitter was there to reassure Emily she wasn't alone.

"Yours should say hungry," said one response.


Another related: "Current relationship status: Emily."

Britt Stephens contributed some useful hashtags: #RootingForEmily, #WeAreAllEmily and #EmilysUnite.

Kylie Hansen showed how much she could relate by sharing a picture of her family, with four loved-up couples cuddling, and Kylie standing alone on the end.

Bryce Hoerner related to Emily's family so much, he recreated it.

Morgan J added, "This is my life guys," sharing her own family picture where one smiling couple holds a baby, another is kissing, and Morgan is sitting alone on a rock.

I love that Emily was able to poke fun at her situation, and share some hilarity with the world. I've had a truly Emily year this year too, and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, you need those Emily years in order to appreciate the other events, don't you think?

Clearly Emily is happy and in a loving family, and that is a wonderful thing.

As one woman tweeted, "Emily, continue living your best life. You're doing great!"