The seven unwanted gifts of Christmas: What on earth were they thinking?

Your relatives may have told you they "just loved" your Christmas gifts this year. But were they lying?

Odds are that at least one or two of your presents were not as gratefully received as you might have expected.

Research by online classified website Gumtree has found that 70 per cent of Australians received an "unwanted gift" this festive season, representing a total of $620 million in wasted spending.

On average each person in Victoria received $68 worth of gifts they will never use, with some disliked presents including perfume, solar lights and teapots.

Many of the unwanted gifts are already popping up on eBay and Gumtree. Here is a collection of some of the strangest on offer.

A book on windows

The Window Book

Bargain alert! Still in "pristine condition", The Window Book by Vinny Lee offers its readers "a complete guide to window dressing inside and out". Just $3.42.

Orphaned teddy bears


There are a number of unwanted Christmas bears seeking a forever family, including this guy.

A Snood

Source: Ebay.

This gift giver was probably unaware that the snood (the half-scarf, half-hood) last came in and out of fashion in 2009. Nonetheless this dark turquoise number is optimistically priced at $25.61, and comes with the claim "never worn".

The best cooler ever


What screams Aussie summer more than a cricket-themed drinks cooler, complete with drink holders, wheels and retractable handle that doubles as a cricket wicket? Priced at $85.90.

Essendon Football Club hooded jumpsuit


They call it an "adult jumpsuit", we call it a giant onesie. Bids start at $15, but strangely no one is biting yet.

Real human hair

These platinum blonde hair extensions are selling on Gumtree for $100. Anyone?

Mobility scooter

Surely there's nothing that says "you're getting a bit old" than an unsolicited mobility scooter. A man called Gary posted this for sale on Boxing Day for $1250 saying it was an unwanted gift for his mother.