Thumbprint Character Christmas Baubles

Adorable thumbprint characters
Adorable thumbprint characters Photo: Paging Fun Mums

Three fun designs to make

I love this Christmas Craft! It was so fun to do & I love how it turned out!

What you will need

  • Plain Baubles - Glass or Plastic ornaments (we got ours from Spotlight but I have also seen them at a few $2 shops)
  • Acrylic Paint – brown & red & white
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Permanent marker (‘Posca” or “Sharpie” work best).
  • Red Glitter (optional)
  • An adorable thumb
  • Spray fixative

Step 1. Get your ‘thumb models’ and paint their thumb with some brown paint (this is so much easier than dipping it directly into the paint)

Step 2.  Add the antlers

Step 3. Add the reindeer eyes

Step 4. Dot on your red nose (I found it was easiest to do this with the other end of the paint brush), then dot on some red glitter onto the wet red paint.

Step 5. Hang on your tree for years to come!

I also sprayed the finished product with a fixative like “Craft Smart” (which you can get from Spotlight or any other good Craft Store). This will help preserve the print!


I found this absolutely adorable idea over at ‘Meet the Dubiens’ (a very gorgeous blog).

Let’s start on the ‘Snowman’.


Step 1. Paint your child’s thumb with the paintbrush (I find this method much easier and more importantly less messy!). Let the print dry completely.

Step 2. Make two thumbprints one above the other (I re-painted the thumb in between prints).

Step 3. Using your black Sharpie, draw on the Snowman’s hat, mouth & eyes.

Step 4. Using an orange Sharpie, draw on the snowman’s adorable carrot nose.

Step 5. Draw on the Snowman’s scarf & little buttons!


Now for the ‘Penguin’.


Step 1. Again, paint the adorable thumb & allow the print dry completely.

Step 2. Using your black sharpie, draw on the penguins ‘hair.

Step 3. Draw on the wing markings to the penguins chest.

Step 4. Dot on the eyes and draw on his cute little wings.

Step 5. Using an orange sharpie, draw on the beak and happy feet ; )

They are just so cute!

It would be an understatement to say that I am obsessed with DIY children’s Christmas Baubles! I love opening my decorations each year and oohing and ahhing over their tiny hand/thumb/finger prints! It is just so special! I hope to pass these ornaments down to them when they have children : ) We have all the links to our other gorgeous Christmas Ornaments at the bottom of this post : )

If you want more fun crafts, activities, recipes and ideas, head over to the Paging Fun Mums website or follow them on Facebook.