Top 20 Christmas apps and websites

Have an appy Christmas
Have an appy Christmas Photo: Getty Images

If you're not already in the spirit for Christmas, these top twenty apps and websites will take you there.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas:

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Maybe it's just crippling nostalgia, but I don't think Christmas is Christmas without Charlie Brown. This wonderful app does him and the rest of the Peanuts gang wonderful justice. Magic.

2. Christmas Mansion HD:

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If you're feeling too festive for Candy Crush, this match-3 game will take you right through to Christmas night.

3. Garden Rescue Christmas:  

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A race against the clock to defeat those classic Christmas foes - beetles. Remember them from the nativity?

4. 12 Days of Christmas:  

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A word of warning: don't let your child play this one in a library. A relaxed game that touts itself as being "Rock Band meets Whack-a-Mole", which should be self-explanatory.

5. Kids Christmas Tree:  

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This is a sweet little app that really does what it says on the box - decorate a virtual Christmas tree, then wait for virtual Santa to leave a virtual puppy.

6. Christmas Fun – All In One Holiday Spirit HD:   

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The only thing better than one kind of holiday spirit is All in One holiday spirit! This app has a billion fun and/or educational festive games, songs, puzzles, and fake snow. 

7. The Nutcracker and The Mystery of The Disappearing Cheese:  

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This game will cost you $4.49, but it is serious value for money. The graphics are so beautiful you'll feel like you're inside your favourite picture book, and the story is punctuated with great little games and activities.

8. Shave Santa:  

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I'm not sure what to tell you about Shave Santa. It's pretty straightforward - you shave Santa, and everybody laughs. Supplement with egg nog.

9. Fake call from Santa:  

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This installs a fake contact called 'Santa', who will call your phone on your whim. Use for good or evil at your discretion.

10. Talking Santa 

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The annual Santa version of the very popular Talking Tom series. This will keep your child entertained for hours. In fact, it might even keep you entertained for hours.

11. Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar

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There are hundreds of advent calendar apps around, but Jacquie Lawson's offering is just stunning in every way. Every day there's a delightful treat just waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed. It's so endearing I can't think of any jokes.


If you're not already in the spirit of Christmas, the official North Pole website will take you there. Dozens of activities, from games to crafts to recipes, and there's a whole section for teachers and parents who just can't get enough.

13. NORAD Tracks Santa:

Every year, NORAD--which I've since found out is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and not a weird stalker--shows us exactly where Santa is at any given moment. Is he over your house? You should really get the milk and cookies organised.

14. Elf Yourself:

Unlike Bitstrips, Elf Yourself is inexplicably enduring. Put your face, and the faces of your loved ones, on some animated elves and then post it on social media. They dance! They sing! With your faces are on them! It's hilarious.

15. Koala's Christmas:

If you can ignore the mid-90s decor, this website will shower you with Christmas cheer. Cooking, cards, activities, crafts, stories … Koala has everything. Onya, Koala.

16. Why Christmas?

We've all asked the question, but this website has dedicated its life to finding out why we celebrate Santa (I think). My favourite part is "watch some relaxing snow", which I'm saving for 6pm on December 25.

17. SnowLine game: 

SnowLine is a rad little Flash game that I've been playing since Christmas, 2009. It's addictive. Help Santa deliver the presents and you might get to see your family again.

18. Xmas Clock:

The prettiest countdown to Christmas on the internet.

19. Jingle Bell Junction:

In the next iteration of Christmas websites, this one offers Christmas avatars, ringtones, iPhone wallpapers and Facebook timeline covers. Because no one wants to go on the internet and not see animated Santas.

20. Is it Christmas? 

Well, is it?