Top 5 tech toys this Christmas

Disney Infinity - from $79 (starter pack) and $15 (figurines)

In the spirit of Skylanders, Disney Infinity is possibly the greatest game of all time. Players use collectible figurines (all Disney, all the time) to influence the game: pop Jack Sparrow on your "Infinity Base", and he appears on the screen. Kids will go nuts for creating their own Disney levels and sharing them with their friends, and you'll be able to give them new figurines for every special occasion until they're 40. The new characters for Christmas haven't been announced yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the guys from Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. Grab the starter pack for any platform: Xbox, PS3, Wii, WiiU, 3DS or PC.

Furby Boom! - from $50 (available for Christmas)

Excited for presents ...
Excited for presents ... Photo: Getty Images

These furry robots have enjoyed a huge comeback after their popularity plummeted in the early 2000s. Relive moments of terror from the first time around as they not only speak Furbish from dark corners, but also hatch virtual Furby babies--yep, Furblings. The free app syncs with the toy itself to give kids hours of playtime with sweet little games and Furby care-taking.

Robo Fish Bowl - from $20

Okay, this is genuinely cool. Just like real fish, the micro robot fish are water activated. In the box, nothing. Pop them in the included fish bowl and they spring to life! They have incredible realistic movement, and the range is expanding to include other kinds of marine life, to extend the life of the toy beyond Christmas Day. And best of all, no tank cleaning!

Big Hugs Elmo - from $79

Love him or hate him (just kidding--no one with a heart can hate Elmo), this guy is a toy department favourite. This year's offering is Big Hugs Elmo; no longer content with being tickled, Elmo has learned how to hug back. This almost child-size red friend will teach your little muppet everything they need to know about letters, numbers, shapes and colours, and encourage them to dance, sing and, of course, hug.

Vtech Innotab 3 - from $110

2012 favourite, Vtech Innotab 2, has been given a total upgrade in time for this Christmas. As well as the seriously huge library of games, stories and activities, this tablet connects to the internet--and it can even send picture and video messages to your phone. But don't worry, it's a totally locked-down browser with no nasties, and the security settings can be even further customised by parents. It's like an iPad Mini, but without the accidental in-app purchases.

Bonus - Rockin' Merry-Okee - from $20 (online only)

If you're looking for the perfect gift that will keep them entertained on Christmas Day and then never again, jump on to Amazon and grab the Rockin' Merry-Okee. It's like Karaoke, but with elf voices. Sing into the mic with your regular voice, and out it comes in a new and improved elfin version! Includes six Christmas favourites. Earplugs sold separately.