Top teacher treats for Christmas

A little Christmas shopping help.
A little Christmas shopping help. 

With your present list already a mile long it can be hard to find the time to think of a thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher. But it doesn’t have to be - not with our extensive list of ideas.  From the homemade to the extravagant, Essential Kids members have recommended some fantastically festive ideas and we have thrown in a few of our own.

Kids love to be involved in choosing presents and for an extra special personal touch get them to leave their mark on the gift. Whether that is by making a card or painting a picture, it is the memory that the teacher will treasure the most.

One EK member and teacher says, “... My favourite gift ever was a coffee mug painted with my name on it and a painted picture of me and the student who bought it for me. It had her name and the year I taught her on the bottom.”

Another great idea is organising a group present from the whole class.

“We got most of the parents together one year and asked for $5 each and pooled resources to buy a gift voucher for the teacher. It ended up being quite a large amount by the time everyone put in their bit. Some people contributed more. We then got a big card and called each kid out for reading and got them to sign it,” says an EK member.

One thoughtful parent gave this EK member and teacher a present she will never forget.

“One lovely, and very unique, gift I have received from a parent was food for the day! The mum wrote a little note thanking me for my hard work and told me not to bother bringing lunch the next day. I was utterly intrigued, but did as I was told and, sure enough, lunch was provided. The daughter brought in a paper bag (decorated) with a beautiful, homemade morning tea and lunch,” she says.

It was so unique that all the other EK members in the forum were vowing to steal it.

Here are the top teacher treat ideas for you to borrow this year:

  • A platter of summer Christmas fruits for the staffroom is a great alternative to boxed chocolates.
  • Homemade chocolates – you can buy Christmas inspired moulds from most Lincraft or Spotlight stores and you can add flavoured fillings or desiccated coconut for something extra special. Complete by wrapping in some coloured cellophane and ribbon.
  • Personalised coffee mugs – Design a Cuppa is a great Aussie website that allows you to choose your own design and message.
  • Christmas ornaments are always a hit – engrave or write your child’s name and year.
  • Homemade rocky road – follow the Essential Kids recipe and to make smaller versions spoon into a cupcake tray before you refrigerate and then get creative with the wrapping.
  • Homemade cookies – get the kids to decorate a biscuit tin and help you bake a yummy selection.
  • Get all the parents to throw in for a Westfield gift voucher and add a huge card for all the kids to sign
  • Charity donation – choose an education related charity gift for developing countries, UNICEF has some great options to choose from.
  • A basket of home baked goods for the staffroom.
  • Create a photo album of all the kids in the class and get them to write a personalised message next to their photo.
  • Movie vouchers are sure to be a hit – You can purchase online at Hoyts and Greater Union or why not support your local family theatre.
  • Personalised stickers – My Stickers 4 U has a great range to choose from.
  • Make their teacher lunch for the day complete with a decorated lunch bag from your child.
  • Choose a humorous T-shirt from Threadless - a great idea for male teachers.
  • Frame one of your child’s artworks.
  • A personalised notepad
  • A bottle of wine - but remember not everyone drinks wine so best to do your homework.
  • Stationary is always a necessity in teaching – Kikki K has a great selection.
  • Scrabble fridge magnets
  • Kids art hangers
  • Beautiful Best Teacher In The World tea towel.

For more ideas or to suggest some of your own visit the Essential Kids forum.