Why Shiraz on the Shelf is the only elf mums need

Shiraz on the Shelf is the Elf we all need this Christmas
Shiraz on the Shelf is the Elf we all need this Christmas Photo: One Funny Mother

Get ready for a wine Christmas mums, because Elf on the Shelf for grown-ups is here.

Introducing Shiraz on the Shelf, a must-have for every frazzled woman wondering how they're going to make it through the next few weeks of ballet concerts, school assemblies, Christmas parties and packed shopping centres with their sanity intact.

The genius idea comes from Dena Blizzard of One Funny Mother, (the brains behind the Pokemon parody Chardonnay GO!) who describes it as a "A New Christmas Wine Tradition!"

We're describing it as a Christmas miracle in a box.

"Place your Shiraz on the Shelf glass out each night so it can be filled with wine by morning, making the holidays bearable," Blizzard writes. "This perfectly packaged gift set includes a designed wine glass and hilarious illustrated booklet with your new favourite inappropriate Christmas poem.

So each December with this glass, 

Toast your mental health

Holidays are perfect now,

With Shiraz on the shelf!


According to Blizzard, "Shiraz on the Shelf is an ideal gift for everyone on your list, but especially the harried, under-appreciated mums out there who might need a little help to survive the holidays."

And while wine is not included it is "highly encouraged".

The best part is, it doesn't matter if mums are good or bad -  that cheeky little wine glass is always there in the morning.

"Shiraz on the Shelf is really never hidden. It's left in the open for a drunk lady to find," she says.

Cheers to that.

You can purchase a Shiraz on the Shelf for US $29.99 (plus shipping) from onefunmmymother.com.