50 clever hidey-holes around the house for an Easter egg hunt

Let the hunt begin!
Let the hunt begin! Photo: Stocksy, Kelly Knox

The Easter bunny is on his way! So, if you're thinking of putting together an egg hunt for the little ones, you're going to need a strategy. Your kids will have a ball trying to track them all down, and you'll feel pretty darn proud that you've managed to outsmart your increasingly clever children. Read on for some sneaky inspiration for hidey-holes both outside and inside the home.

Quick tip – you may want keep an inventory of all the eggs hidden, unless you want to find melted chocolate down the back of the couch in six months time.


1. Hidden in the mailbox

2. Inside a watering can

3. Placed in a wheelbarrow

4. Tucked inside a hanging plant

5. Behind a picnic table leg

Photo: Southern Weddings


6. Inside a gardening glove

7. Nestled in a low tree nook

8. Buried in a sandpit

9. Scattered in flower beds and bushes

10. Inside a tyre swing

Photo: Ella Claire Inspired

11. Behind a parked car wheel

12. Popped just inside the car exhaust

13. Inside a bike helmet attached to a bike

14. Or a bike basket

15. Behind a garden ornament

16. Hidden in wrapped garden hose

Photo: Brocante Home

17. Placed in a window box

18. Underneath exterior stairwell

19. Hidden in a pair of gumboots

20. Inside the pegs basket

21. Behind a cushion of a patio chair

22. Under the barbecue lid

23. In a real bird's nest (only if empty!)

24. In an empty birdbath 

25. Behind gardening tools


26. Inside an empty tea cup

27. Camouflaged in a cookie jar

28. In one of the kitchen drawers

29. Hidden in the bread bin

30. Inside an egg carton in the fridge

Photo: Magpie Paper Works

31. Hidden in the fruit bowl

32. On a dining chair pushed under the table

33. Inside a candle votive holder

34. Behind a picture frame

35. Behind the cushions on the sofa 

36. Lined up on a shelf, just out of reach

37. On top of a ceiling fan blade

38. In a jacket pocket hanging in the hallway

39. In a bathrobe pocket hanging in the bathroom

40. Inside the washing machine

41. Inside a storage basket

42. Planted on an indoor plant

43. Inside the linen cupboard

44. Under the lamp shade

45. Hanging off a pet's collar

46. Hidden on top of books on the bookcase 

47. In the pocked of a school backpack

48. Inside a toy box

49. Under the bed

50. Behind stuffed animals on the bed

Photo: Studio Gorman

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