Cadbury Creme Egg baked cheesecake

White Chocolate and Creme Egg Baked Cheesecake
White Chocolate and Creme Egg Baked Cheesecake Photo: Cadbury

There were many Easters we all devoured our Cadbury Creme Eggs the second they hit our hot little hands. The oozing centre of these Easter delicacies is enough to inspire the most ardent rapture in even the most restrained of chocolate lovers.

Cadbury sure isn't helping when it publishes recipes that contain these addictive treats, but we thought this would be a handy one to share if you find yourself inundated with an abundance of Creme Eggs.

Publishing the recipe on its website, Cadbury Kitchen promises the cheesecake is an absolute 'show stopper', sure to delight friends and family coming together at this special time of year.

Here are some other Creme Egg recipes on the Cadbury Kitchen website, perfect for whipping up at Easter:

Click here to find the recipe.

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