Easter egg cosies

Spring flowers have always been an important part of a traditional Northern hemisphere Easter. Autumn may be creeping in down under, but these fresh felt flowers will add a touch of springtime whimsy to your Easter table.

You will need:

1 square pink felt

Small piece of white felt

Small piece yellow felt

Yellow/orange thread


To make:

1. Fold the pink felt in half, then trace an egg shape with a wide, flat bottom on to one side – it should measure roughly 9cm across the base and 7cm from top to bottom. Cut both pieces out together and place to one side.

2. Use a pencil to draw a simple flower shape on the white felt, cut out and set aside. Still working freehand, draw and cut out a small circle of yellow felt. Take one of the pink felt pieces, place the flower slightly off centre and put the yellow circle in the centre of the flower, then stitch around the perimeter of the circle to secure both pieces of the flower to the cosy.

3. Place both pieces of pink felt together, with the appliquéd flower on the outside and facing toward you, then stitch around the curved sides of the two pieces in a simple, large running stitch leaving the bottom edge unstitched so that the cosy can be popped over a freshly boiled egg.