Good news for Elf on The Shelf fans - Easter Eggsters are here!

Elf on the Shelf for Easter is here
Elf on the Shelf for Easter is here Photo: Facebook

If you and your kids love Elf on the Shelf and the magic and mischief it brings to Christmas, then do we have some egg-cellent news for you: there's an Easter version - and they're even cuter.

Introducing Easter Eggsters, mates of the Easter Bunny, who report back to HQ about your child's behaviour. Kids choose one of four different stuffed spies: a rabbit, a skunk, a raccoon or a squirrel. Each one comes in a magical egg, which is their mode of transportation, presumably back to where the chocolate is made.

Allow me to present the Skunk explaining how much he'd like to be adopted:

Here's how it works: "Each night, after everyone goes to sleep, the Eggsters return to the Easter Bunny's workshop in their magical eggs to file their daily reports," writes creator Destiny Shuenke on the site. "On Easter Eve, they make their final reports to the Easter Bunny and then stay with him to help with their busiest night of the year."


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Kids are also encouraged to "eggsterate" their adopted Easter Bunny Helper's egg, and read the accompanying story book about the "Easter Tradition".  Each child also receives a letter from the Easter Bunny himself.

"These are very special friends of mine, ready to have lots of fun with you. They also have a very important job to do. With your good behaviour and their positive reports I will bring you a basket full of goodies on Easter morning. Take good care of my friends and I will be hopping to your home soon! Have a hoppy day!

Easter Bunny."


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As a mum who's managed to avoid doing Elf on The Shelf thus far (seven years and counting) I'm more than happy for an early morning egg hunt and the Easter hat parade to be the only traditions I need to embrace. And while unleashing the annual Santa threats works a treat for the month of December, I'm just not sure the "Easter Bunny is watching" would have the same impact for my son - particularly when it's only chocolate eggs at stake.
That said, for those of you who love Elf on the Shelf, and how egg-cited your kids are to find him in a new spot each morning, this news could well make your Easter. And given hot cross buns and Easter eggs basically start appearing in stores the moment Santa returns to the North Pole for a mince pie and a lie down, if you wanted to make seamless transition from Elf to Eggster then we say go for it!

You can buy an Easter Eggster here for $35