Hot cross buns hop onto Woolworths shelves one day after Christmas

Hot cross buns have appeared in some Woolworths stores the day after Christmas.
Hot cross buns have appeared in some Woolworths stores the day after Christmas.  Photo: Rohan Thomson

No, you aren't dreaming: hot cross buns have started hopping onto supermarket shelves more than 100 days out from Easter. 

Just a day after Australians stuffed themselves silly with Christmas turkey and seafood, some Woolworths outlets began rolling out the delicious raisin-filled treats. 

However, not everyone is pleased with hot cross buns making an appearance on Boxing Day. 

One customer took to Facebook to argue that Woolworths had "seriously lost the plot".

"Please explain?" he wrote. "It was Christmas Day only yesterday."

"Commercial greed is all that drives this company," another person said. 

However, Woolworths also had its fair share of supporters. After all, the supermarket giant wouldn't be stocking hot cross buns if it didn't expect them to fly off the shelves. 

"If you don't like them, don't buy them," one person tweeted. "I wish they were sold year round. [They] taste amazing."


"I'm not opposed to this," said another. "I love hot cross buns and Easter eggs." 

A Woolworths spokesman confirmed some stores started selling hot cross buns on Boxing Day due to customer demand. 

However, the traditional Easter treats won't appear in all Woolworths stores until the start of the new year. 

"Almost 4.5 million hot cross buns are expected to be sold nationwide in just the first two weeks of January," he said.

Meanwhile, Coles has not started stocking hot cross buns but is expected to start selling them in January.