How to make an Easter chick piñata

Make your own Easter chick pinata ...
Make your own Easter chick pinata ... 

Mix up your annual Easter egg hunt with this fun and festive Easter chick pinata. Easy to make and cute as a newly hatched chick, it will be the icing on the cake of a fun-filled morning for your little ones. 

Materials you will need:

  • 132310 Carnival Arts & Crafts Tissue Paper - Yellow
  • 133078  Art Culture White paint
  • 133257 Masking tape
  • 142387 Craftline Googly eyes
  • 140756 Foamtastic sheet – Orange 
  • 124050 Large AFC Paintbrush
  • 129340 Carnival PVA Glue
  • 137407 Carnival Arts & Crafts Scissors
  • 137883 Retractable Craft Knife 
  • A balloon
  • Old newspaper
  • Assorted chocolate Easter treats and eggs
  • Plastic container


Step 1. 

 Once you have torn a plentiful supply of news print strips, mix up PVA glue and a touch of water to make a runny paste. 

Using the paintbrush, coat the balloon with your glue mixture as you go, pasting down the pieces.  

You should aim for at least 4 layers (and double that if you want an especially hard piñata!).

Leave a hole around the balloon tie (reinforce around this edge with a few more layers) and make sure you leave a big enough hole for your Easter treats.


Once finished tie some string to the balloon tie, and hang outside in the sun or a warm part of the house.  Take note that it may take 1-2 days to dry thoroughly

Once dry, pop the balloon through the hole and remove it.


Step 2. 

Once dry undercoat your Piñata using white paint. Fold over a few sheets of tissue, and cut a scalloped shape along the fold to make petals. 

Work bottom up in a fish scale pattern around your egg, applying a thin layer of PVA as you go. 

Only Press the back piece of tissue down to the PVA, so that the fold remains on top & the outside layer flutters).

step 2

Step 3. 

Add your Easter Treats, and reinforce the edge of the circle using masking tape.  

Push through two slits with the Stanley knife a couple of centimetres away from the hole on either side.  

Thread ribbon through your Stanley knife holes and tie in a long loop, at a suitable length for where you will hang the piñata.  

Close the hole with masking tape & extra scalloped tissue paper. 


Step 4. 

From your foam sheet, cut out two triangles and a pair of feet.

Lie piñata flat and glue the face and feet down.

Once glue is dry, our piñata is ready for an Easter Fiesta!

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