Artist creates a monster out of her parents' house for Halloween

Artist morphs parents' house into a monster for Halloween.
Artist morphs parents' house into a monster for Halloween. Photo: Instagram/@christinehmcconnell

Four days and $250 later, artist Christine McConnell created a monster out of her parent's house.

Featuring six eyes and 36 fangs, the house in Twin Peaks, California has become somewhat of an attraction, online and in the community. 

As for what her parents think, McConnell tells Yahoo Parenting, "They love it."

"I've decorated their house several times in the past few years, mostly on Halloween," said McConnell.


It's now a Monster House 

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It took the artist and photographer four 12 hour days to finish the transformation, which has since gone viral on photo sharing site, Imgur.

Channelling her love of scary movies, McConnell used foam insulation and paint to create the scary eyes and teeth.

"I love scary stuff but also like poking fun at it," McConnell told NY Daily News.

"While I was decorating, I had a lot of people harassing me with questions about what I was doing," McConnell said.


"One elderly couple demanded that I get in the picture."


I painted foam-core insulation board for the eyes and teeth 

A photo posted by Christine McConnell (@christinehmcconnell) on

McConnell's parents usually have suggestions for their house but this year, they left it up their daughter.

At first they didn't get it, McConnell explains: "When I put the eyes up, they were like, 'OK…' but once I did the teeth they said, 'Oh, wow, that's amazing,' and they got really excited." 

The same can be said for the rest of the neighbourhood.

"It's like a carnival attraction now with people stopping by to look at it," she said.

Last year, the house was decorated in a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

The decorations won't be up for much longer though.

"We'll take the decorations down right away and start revving up for Christmas," says McConnell.

"The house is just like the one in Edward Scissorhands, the standalone odd one among other cookie-cutter styles."

Keeping it simple, Christmas will be "just be lots of beautiful lights."

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