Dad discovers Halloween treats are 18 years out of date

Party like it's 1999.
Party like it's 1999. Photo: Twitter: @adrian_johnson

It's the temptation of every parent after Halloween. Your kids are in bed, you're watching TV and having a cup of tea that could really do with something sweet to go with it. Surely you could just steal one thing from their stash and they wouldn't notice…

That's exactly what one dad did recently, before discovering the biscuits his daughters had been given by a neighbour were 18 years out of date.

Adrian Johnson, from Leeds in the UK, tweeted a photo of the McVitie's chocolate biscuits he helped himself to, with a best before date of 15 May 1999.

"Think I've just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 18 years ago," he wrote. "Not joking."

Adrian told HuffPost UK the biscuits had "just an awful, gone-off, long-lingering bad taste."

But it took more than just one bite to convince Adrian he'd made a mistake. He thought the first bite was "weird" but still went in for another go, before realising there was something wrong.

"So I sniffed them, looked at the biscuit side, which was quite white rather than the usual brown-ish colour, and it was then that I checked the sell-by-date," he said.

"That second bit ended up in the sink and I had to rinse my mouth and brush my teeth. Pretty gross."

Adrian said he tasted the biscuits quite late in the evening, so he hadn't been around to the neighbours who gave his daughters the biscuits to tell them what happened.


"I might pop round tonight when I get back home," he said. "More for their sake, than to complain, as who knows what else they're keeping in those cupboards.

"My kids, Poppy and Eidy, found it hilarious this morning when I told them the story, as they were asleep when it all happened.

"They did point out that I shouldn't have been pinching their Halloween treats in the first place!"