Halloween craft for kids

Halloween activities and printables for kids.
Halloween activities and printables for kids. Photo: Simple as That

Halloween paper plate craft

This Halloween craft tutorial (pictured above) is super simple and perfect for a last minute activity. Stick to a classic Frankenstein or mix it up, let the kids go wild and invent their own. For a list of supplies head over to Simple as That

Monster cupcake picks


If movies like Monsters Inc have taught us anything it's that monsters aren't always scary. Create your own cute and cuddly monsters with this Monster Cupcake Pick tutorial from Two Shade of Pink. If cupcakes aren't on the menu you can always use these critters as puppets instead. 

Tattle Monster


What's square, has coloured spots and ferocious teeth? A Tattle monster! Murry the Tattle Monster was designed by Mariah over at Giggles Galore to teach the kids the importance of working together and playing nicely, however could also be used as a Halloween craft activity for older kids. 

Disney Halloween printables


From Halloween masks to Disney villain bowling pins, Disney Halloween printables are in abundance at


Super spooky black cat craft



What have you heard about black cats and Halloween? They are evil, known to cause bad luck or maybe they are associated with witches. Well not this cat, he's made out of a toilet paper roll and simple craft items. For full instructions and a template visit Easy Child Crafts

Day of the Dead printable mask


Print out this Day of the Dead mask from My Very Educated Mother, supply the kids with crayons or markers and let them get as creative and colourful as they want. 

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath


This a fun Halloween craft made out of ping pong balls, the perfect door decoration for any spooky celebrations you might be holding this year. Visit No. 2 Pencil for a list of material and instructions.