Sick of reading to your kids? Let Mary Poppins do it for you!

Photo: Julie Andrews / Instagram
Photo: Julie Andrews / Instagram 

Is your voice straining from reading too many books to your children? Well don't worry, the one and only Mary Poppins can now sub in for bedtime stories!

Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, have launched a weekly podcast for children called Julie's Library, to help keep them entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As a child I read everything I could get my hands on", Andrews said in a statement on the podcasts' website.

"There was no greater pleasure than to curl up with a good book".


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The 84-year-old actress and her daughter have co-written 30 books together. Their writing partnership began in 1997 after Andrews lost her voice due to vocal surgery.

Talking to CBS News, she said that being unable to sing would have driven her "crazy" and that she was needing to do something else creative.

The Mary Poppins actress said writing the books with her daughter "became the thing that I embraced when my voice had gone". The pair will be reading the books together, occasionally joined by Andrews' granddaughter Hope. They will also talk about the book itself and the meanings behind the stories.

The podcast is produced by American Public Media, who said in a statement that it will be suitable for kids aged 4-10 but is aimed "aimed at multi-generational family audiences."


"Every story is brought to life through music, sound design and special guest appearances," the statement continued. "Listeners will also hear directly from other kids, who share their imaginative ideas and favourite new vocabulary words."

Hamilton said they're hoping the stories will bring families together.

"From our family to yours… we send our warmest wishes for your continued health and safety. We can't wait to read with you!"

Parents the world over are thrilled with Andrews' latest venture.

Said one on Instagram: "This was a delight, I can't wait for more, I'll listen to this lady any day of the week, children's books or not." 

And another chimed in: "Thank you Julie for this incredible gift! I loved every second of it and felt so safe in your voice. You bring magic and happiness in our lives, I love you!"