Dad's simple hack takes the pain out of swimming lessons

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When it comes to parenting there's no "one size fits all" method and one dad's proved it with his awesome swimming lesson hack.

Most have us have been there: your kids are shivering and tired after swimming lessons, and there's a rush to the change rooms. You have the obligatory fight over drying them and then you struggle to pull dry clothes over their wet feet. Sometimes you're in the change rooms longer than the actual lesson.

But this dad, who goes by the name of papatonepictures on Reddit, has a solution: the bathrobe.

Instead of going through the struggle, he simply pops his kid in a bathrobe and waits until they get home to do the rest.

"Get good bathrobes for you, and for the kid," he wrote.

"When swim class is done, whip those bathrobes on, and head right on out the door, into the car.

"Once home: quick bath, kid dressed, ravioli in the microwave. Done."

He goes on to explain that he approached it differently with his first child.

"To over-explain: with my first kid, I would pack a bag and clothes and a new diaper and wipes and towels," he said.


"When class was done, I would take him into the men's locker room to get him dried off and dressed. It would, honestly, take half an hour. If I was lucky. The whole thing was a clothes-based war of attrition."

My husband does a similar thing, as he's not allowed to take our three girls into the change room. So he pops long dresses over them, whips off their bathers, lets them go "commando" and then they head home.

He also hates the rigmarole that this dad so perfectly describes.

"Struggling with the kid, sweating in the humidity while I try to get him to sit still long enough to put any article of clothing on," papatonepictures said.

"There's also the eternal battle of having to finally set my kid down so I can dry off and get dressed while the entire time telling my son not to touch anybody else's stuff, not even if it's a cool colour or has candy in the outside netting."

But it's his personal insight into men's change rooms that are the most worrying.

"Then there's the aged doctor who just finished his swim, sitting with his bare butt and old nuts pressed directly against the bench where my kid just threw half of his Nutrigrain bar," he wrote.

"While I'm trying to pressgang the kid into his shoes without getting his socks soaked, the guy wants to find out how old my kid is and what his interests are.

"My friend, put on pants, and then we'll address your questions and concerns."

And if you have any doubts about water getting all over your car, he says, "Yes, your car seats might get a little damp ... Put down an extra towel if you're worried about that. Otherwise robe on and roll home.

"And the best part? No more old balls. Phew. Life is grand."

He wins the Dad of the Day award.