'On a mission': Joe Wicks signs multi-million dollar book deal about healthy living for kids

Photos: Youtube/Joe Wicks
Photos: Youtube/Joe Wicks 

He became the world's PE teacher during the COVID-19 lockdown, but now Joe Wicks is set to become a children's author.

The Sun Online reports the fitness guru, who became widely known for his online PE lessons during the global pandemic, has signed a £1million (almost $AU1.8 million) book deal with HarperCollins publishers to create specialised adult and children's health books.

The 33-year-old, also known as 'The Body Coach', has already published several books with publishing company Bluebird that include healthy lifestyle tips, workouts and healthy recipes. However this new deal will be the first time he's written for children.

Wicks has sold 3.2 million copies of his books worldwide and is reportedly worth £14.5 million ($AU26.3 million).


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"I can't wait to start developing new adult books with HarperCollins and to create children's books for the first time," Joe said, explaining he's on "a mission to get the world fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

"Books play a crucial part in that." 

The children's books will include picture and activity looks for little ones to learn about healthy living.


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Most of Wicks' previous books are focused on providing quick, healthy meals and HIIT workouts for adults. He also recently published a book aimed at parents with babies, Wean in 15, which went to number one on the best seller list in the UK for May.

Wicks' fitness empire took off after he started uploading short videos to Instagram with HIIT workouts that could be done at home, along with other workout videos to his YouTube channel. 

HarperCollins Children's Books executive publisher Ann-Janine Murtagh said the publisher was thrilled to have Wicks on board.

"Joe radiates positivity and passion in everything he does and is a great inspiration for children," she said. "His daily PE lessons have connected with families across the nation and I am thrilled that he has chosen us to launch his children's books. I look forward to bringing Joe's zest and energy to the children's book world."