Sabre Norris is the 11-year-old surfer who has Australia in hysterics

Sabre Norris, 11, has a lot to say and her dad copped the brunt of her hilarious honesty.
Sabre Norris, 11, has a lot to say and her dad copped the brunt of her hilarious honesty. Photo: TODAY

If you haven't heard the name Sabre Norris, get ready to start hearing it - a lot.

At 11 years old, Norris is the youngest surfer to earn a wildcard spot in a major Australian surfing event – the Sydney International Women's Pro.  

And she's not just talented – the youngster is also completely and utterly hilarious. Appearing on the TODAY show on Tuesday morning, Norris had co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic in hysterics as she talked about her dad, swimmer and Olympic bronze medallist Justin Norris.

Sabre Norris, 11, surfing at the Cowrie Hole in 2015.
Sabre Norris, 11, surfing at the Cowrie Hole in 2015. Photo: Darren Pateman

"My dad was an athlete but now he's pretty fat," she told TODAY. "He used to eat like two litres of ice cream every single night…and then he used to get really angry with mum because mum didn't always buy it for him. But when dad got really angry she started buying it for him all the time and then he had to suck his gut in for photos and it was really funny."

Norris then told the giggling TODAY team that her dad had lost 20kg since Christmas – inspired by Norris' own healthy eating.

"Now he's just eating cucumbers," she said.

Out of the mouths of babes ...

The hilarious clip has been viewed 1.7 million times and has attracted over 12,000 comments as of Friday morning – many writing that the youngster had made their morning.


The 11-year-old, who started surfing at just five years old, is mentored by Sally Fitzgibbons who is staging and backing the surfing event.

"I just can't believe out of all the girls in the world, Sally has given me the wildcard to go in to her first event (as a promoter)," Norris told AAP.

"It's a crucial event of the Qualifying Series right now, so I can't believe she's been this nice to give me one now, I hope I can make her proud."

Along with surfing, Norris is also a talented skateboarder – and hopes to compete in the Olympics games, like her father. She also aspires to beat her dad in another arena: chicken nugget consumption.

"He had a goal to eat 100 chicken nuggets, he ate 97 and vomited, but he still ate the last three," Norris told AAP.

"I might have to eat really healthy before I try that challenge when I'm at the Olympics, so then I don't have to feel too bad about myself.

"But I really would like to win a gold medal in the Olympics for surfing and then I can say I've beaten him in two things.

"That would be really cool."

And with surfing set to feature in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo – Norris' dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.