Keeping kids safe at home this summer

Each day in Australia, 5,000 children require medical attention; 170 are admitted to hospital and one child dies – all as a result of unintentional injury. Most of these injuries occur at home. (1)

Between playing in the front yard with neighbours, enjoying time in the pool and sleep-overs with friends, children tend to spend more time at home during summer than any other period of the year. Parents need to remember that a house can be a very dangerous place for children if safety and security measures are overlooked.

While some mums and dads get to spend a fair amount of time at home in summer too, many others are required to return to work during the school holidays. This means a large number of children are left home alone or in the care of grandparents or babysitters. Following a few simple tips can safeguard your home and help ensure the warmer months can be enjoyed incident free.

ADT Security offers the following tips to those responsible for the care of children these school holidays:

  • - Make sure children know who is allowed in the home when parents are at work. Where possible, have an intercom entrance system or locked screen doors fitted so children are not left vulnerable when answering the front door.
  • - Lock up all matches and lighters and blow out candles whenever leaving the room. Never leave young children unattended near an open flame or BBQ.
  • - Always supervise young children around water, don’t rely on other adults or siblings. Remember floaties are not a substitute for supervision and can often give children a false sense of security in the water.
  • - Flyscreens are purely designed to keep insects out, they are not strong enough to support children. Ensure that all windows lock open at 9 centimetres (2) and make sure beds and cots and other climbable furniture are located away from windows.
  • - Securely store all medications and household cleaning products in a cabinet preferably up high, out of arm reach with a childproof lock to help prevent poisoning.
  • - If children are old enough, make sure they know how to dial 000. Practicing an evacuation plan to get out of the house in the event of a fire or incident and basic first-aid skills are also valuable.
  • - Make time to discuss safe online and social media behaviour with your children. Ask them not to reveal holiday plans on Facebook, Twitter or to strangers online – savvy thieves can gain access to up-to-the-minute details through status updates and posts, allowing them to learn when the home is likely to be vacant.

Other suggestions include:

  • - Don’t let the security of your home fall down the priority list. The hot weather means many of us keep windows and doors open to circulate air, providing an open invitation to thieves. Keep doors locked and where air flow is needed ensure security screen doors or windows are fitted.
  • - Consider a monitored home security system. Some systems such as ADT Select allow parents to check remotely when their children get home, perfect for parents at work who want to check on their kids.

Do you have any other great home safety tips? We’d love to hear them.

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Conditions apply, so call ADT on 131- 238 or see

(1) Kidsafe – Child Accident Prevention Foundation

(2) NSW Health ‘Protect Your Child’ fact sheet