Cute outfits are good enough to eat - literally

#funnystefani Photo: @seasunstefani

If you're looking for some school holiday inspiration, why not take a leaf (get it?) out of this mum's book and try some dress-up with a difference.

Meet Alya Chaglar, a 31-year-old mama from Turkey, whose 3-year-old daughter Stefani stars in an Instagram account, "Sea Sun Stefani".

And while there are plenty of cute photos of the adorable preschooler, it's the duo's "produce dresses" that have really struck a chord with their 30,000 followers.

"She enjoys modelling," Ms Chaglar told HuffPost of little Stefani, adding that it all started with a watermelon. "She struck a pose spontaneously and her facial expression was hilarious," she said.

The pair soon made it into a game, snapping photos whenever Stefani was in an "artistic mood".

Just try not to grin at these cheeky photos, featuring everything from cherry tomatos, flowers and broccoli. 


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If you're wondering why kids should have all the fun, you're not the first to do so. Over on Twitter, adults are embracing the "Watermelon dress".

And the Watermelon RompHim​