Mum shares hilarious 'love notes' to her son, men are not happy

The message is clear.
The message is clear. Photo: Kristina Kuzmic

The struggle is real: anyone with boys knows that getting them to wee into the toilet is not an easy task.

That smell of urine on the tiles, on the toilet seat and, oh god, is it in the curtains? It gets everywhere and it's very hard to shift. But even if you do manage to get it out, it just reappears there the next day.

So one mum put together a helpful instructional image for her sons and shared it on her Facebook page, where she was met with a whole lot of grateful women and a few angry men.

Kristina Kuzmic became a hero to mums everywhere with her notes that read, "Don't pee here" placed strategically around the toilet seat and on the floor.

"Sometimes I write my kids love notes," she captioned the photo, which has been shared over 150,000 times by others who know the struggle.

"My two brothers and I (8-11 years old) stayed with an aunt for a week one summer," wrote one man. "She had only one child, a girl. After two days there she informed the three of us that we had to sit to pee or go outside on a tree."

This mum shared her story of despair, "I caught my 4 year old standing with his back against the wall (2 feet from toilet), eyes closed the other morning peeing into the toilet and slightly missing every few seconds as he fell asleep."

Another saw a business opportunity. "Make these laminated, with an adhesive base on the back, and I am sure any woman that lives with men will buy these!"


And there we have it, a woman has tackled a common problem with humour, while making a clear point: boys, try not to make a mess, and if you do, clean it up.

Then all of the men of the internet thanked her for her helpful input and went on their way.

Just kidding.

What we really learned is that women have no right to complain about this issue because #notallmen.

Actually, it's not even that. From the response of the mansplainers, it clearly is all men, but they are absolutely justified in their peeing all over the floor because being a man is hard, you guys.

"It's hilarious that so many women think that men piss on the floor like it's a cartoon with a fire hose and we are holding on for dear life as it flies all over the place," said a guy called Tom. (Is now the right time to say I can honestly say I've never thought that?)

"Try pouring water from 2-3 feet high with a spout into a bucket on the floor and see what happens. IT SPLASHES WHEN IT HITS THE WATER!"

That does sound like a tough gig, Tom, but toilets are built to counteract that and you've been doing this several times a day for your entire life – why aren't you better at it yet?

And even if you do get some splash, why are you just leaving it there like some animal without opposable thumbs and the ability to grasp a wad of toilet paper?

Another commenter called Blake gave us a helpful biology lesson. "Okay until all you girls talking s**t grow a d**k, you are talking out your ass." I truly needed a moment to absorb that sentence before moving on.

"As you stop p**sing the stream gets weaker and harder to manage, sometimes you're [sic] d**khole skin sticks together and it comes out in 2 streams, sometimes it just comes out at a random angle."

All of which seems to fly in the face of Tom's argument about the cartoon fire hose. But more importantly, brings some special new terminology into our vocabulary.

A dude called John thought the best solution is that all bathrooms around the world be fitted with a urinal or two.

"A good solution would be low and high urinals for son and dad. BTW a surprising amount of hatred in some of these posts, ladies."

Yes, because anyone who has ever been into a men's public toilet will know that having a urinal offers outstandingly hygienic results. And if by "surprising amount of hatred" you mean we're sick of cleaning up your wee, then yes, John, it's true.

And so the battle of the sexes rages on, with women making jokes about boys missing the toilet and men defending their right to wee wherever they damn well please. Is cleaning up after yourself really so much to ask?