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Constant pleas to play: when your children can't entertain themselves.

Their pleas to play never subside

I never thought I was raising kids who can't entertain themselves, but apparently I am. What is an appropriate amount of time for me to play with my kids, and how do I nip the pestering in the bud?

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At 10, Rachel Kipnis is already a seasoned musical theatre performer.

What does it take to be a child musical theatre star?

Sing, dance, act. Talk just enough but not too much. Be confident but not arrogant, enthusiastic but not weird. Be the right height. Have the right look. Concentrate for hours at a time and, above all, just act natural.

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The pros and cons of the sticker chart.

Is it time to bin the sticker chart?

It's a tool many parents use regularly to reward desired behaviours in their children but is the sticker chart as effective as we've been lead to believe?

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