Behaviour & Discipline


'I became the yin to my mother's yang, encouraging autonomy and independence where she controlled and overprotected.'

Giving my kids too much freedom

​The first time my daughter told me she hated me, I wanted to bake her a cake. She wasn't afraid of me. And I couldn't have been more proud of her - or of myself as her mother.

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Disciplining your child without smacking is a challenge for many parents.

Tempted to smack? Here's what to do instead

A recent widespread study of 160,000 children over 50 years has provided the definitive answer: smacking shouldn't be done anymore. Where does this leave the 80% of parents worldwide who smack their kids?

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Constant pleas to play: when your children can't entertain themselves.

Their pleas to play never subside

I never thought I was raising kids who can't entertain themselves, but apparently I am. What is an appropriate amount of time for me to play with my kids, and how do I nip the pestering in the bud?

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