Diner thrown out of restaurant for 'snapping' at stranger's child: 'I was frustrated'

Kids can be hard to handle in public.
Kids can be hard to handle in public. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When it comes to how people feel about children in restaurants, fellow diners generally fall into one of two camps - welcoming and accepting that kids can sometimes be a bit noisy, or outraged that parents dare to feed their offspring in public.  

One man, who definitely falls into the latter camp, has turned to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for calling a five-year-old a "stupid idiot" when the boy bumped into him while running in a restaurant.  

"I have never been comfortable around children. As long as they leave me alone, I can be in the same area as them for a while, but I do not want to interact with them much," the man admitted.

He said he was at a restaurant with friends, when a family with a young boy, aged about five, was seated next to them.

"I was dismayed, but I decided I was not going to show my frustration. However, the boy was very noisy from almost the moment he sat down, and his parents did not seem like they were trying to keep him quiet," said the diner.

The problem occurred when the man got up to use the bathroom and the boy, who was running around, bumped into the man's leg.

"At that point I snapped and shouted at him 'Get away from me, you stupid idiot!' He started crying and ran to his mum. Both of his parents started yelling at me, saying how dare I call their precious (child an) idiot. I yelled back saying that they should control their child better and that someone could have gotten hurt."

As the arguing continued, the manager of the restaurant came over and told them they should leave.

"My friends told me later they thought I was an a-----e for going off like I did. I think maybe I should not have said what I did, but I was frustrated that the parents of the child just let him disrupt everything."


Commenters largely agreed that the man was in the wrong.

"If an adult had accidentally bumped into you, I doubt you would have yelled at them or called them a stupid idiot. You don't have to enjoy children or spend a lot of time with them, but you do have to tolerate their existence, and you don't get to be 'dismayed' that one sits at a nearby table in a public place. You were mad about the kid before he even did anything," said one commenter.

"Imagine this from the parent's perspective, seeing a full-grown adult go hulk-mode on their kid for simply accidentally bumping into him," remarked another.

"It's not like little kids have had a lot of restaurant time over the past year and beyond either, takes time to teach public manners again," one commenter pointed out.

"(Your behaviour) was so far out of line that I don't even give a s--t what his parents were allowing him to do, you blew whatever high ground you may have had to stand on to smithereens," said another.

However, one person did see the diner's point and recommended a better solution.

"Kids running around restaurants is super dangerous and annoying, but it's the parents who are being idiots, not the (child). If (the man) wanted to kick off, he should have ideally brought it to a manager's attention, or at least directed it at the parents!"