Hair salon warns parents: You'll pay more if your kids misbehave

The post wasn't against children, they said, but was aiming at parenting. Photo: LIU CHEN / STUFF
The post wasn't against children, they said, but was aiming at parenting. Photo: LIU CHEN / STUFF 

A hair salon in New Zealand has been forced to hike prices for children's haircuts because of the damage unsupervised children have inflicted on their salon. 

HAiR salon in Auckland announced the new policy on Wednesday.

The salon is owned by hairstylists Jessica and Ritchyrd Hirst and the new adult prices for children were $90 for a girls' cut and blow wave and $50 for a boys' cut.

Jessica Hirst said they had put the prices up after 24 years of having their tools dropped and broken, their scissors chipped, their magazines ripped and their eftpos machine used as a toy.

Children also rubbed snot on the chairs and floor, and the salon had to replace capes because they have been vomited on, she said.

"All this while the parent or guardian sits there on there phone while we're struggling trying to cut the siblings' hair. We also find ourselves in an awkward position having to ask the parent or guardian to please sort their child out," she said.

Jessica and Ritchyrd Hirst of HAiR salon, Auckland. Photo: Liu Chen / STUFF

Health and safety regulations played a big part too, she said. It was dangerous when kids rushed around the salon, they sometimes bumped into the glass window and were near hairdressers who were holding sharp tools around clients' eyes, she added. 

"This behaviour puts our business at risk. We can lose business from valued customers coming to us for a relaxing experience.​"


The salon was "definitely not" trying to discourage parents to bring their kids in, but hoped parents would get more involved with their children at the salon. It also spent the same, if not more time, cutting childrens' hair as it did adults, she said. 

The new prices would be fixed prices, and they would only increase the bill when there was damage to their property.

On Facebook, some were unimpressed with the salon's annoucement. One woman wrote: "Disgusting attitude towards children. What if the child is special needs, has ADHD or something. you just gona kick them out? You charge the parents more? Absolutely disgusting. Why bother promoting doing kids hair when you clearly don't like them".

Another said: "STUPID prices for children. How pathetic is this place! As a mother, go stuff your ugly selfs!!"

One woman commented: "I think the whole point is so people don't bring their kids because the price is too high. It's just a nicer way of putting it."

A supporter said: "I really love getting my hair done here... owners are really kind people just working hard, to provide for their families - and there's always some good laughs, and as a mum, some much needed chilled out adult time is always a bonus!"

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