'I kidnapped my sister's kids to teach her a lesson - and she is furious'

The man decided to teach his sister a lesson about 'stranger danger'.
The man decided to teach his sister a lesson about 'stranger danger'.  Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There's a lot of debate over how old kids should be before you leave them alone.

With 'stranger danger' a very real threat, one man has caused a stir online after he 'kidnapped' his nephews to teach his sister a lesson.

The man explained in a Reddit post he was at a shopping centre when he saw his six and eight-year-old nephews standing outside with their dog.

"They were talking with some random dude sitting with them and petting their dog," he said. "I asked them what they were doing, and the dude looked at me. He asked me if I was their dad and I said "close enough - I am their uncle. Are you their dad?" He walked away."

"My nephews told me their mum was inside shopping and they couldn't go in because of the dog they just adopted," he continued. "I told them that was not cool, but it was okay because I was going to take them to get ice cream."

The man admitted he took them to an ice-cream shop across the road from the store so he could see her "freak the f--- out" when she finished shopping, which took her about 30 minutes.

"I called her and she was hysterical that someone took her kids," he wrote, which angered his sister.

"She got pissed and asked me why I had them," he said, saying he questioned why she left them outside in the first place, with her maintaining it was safe.

"I said tell that to the weirdo I caught talking to them and getting a little too close," he retorted. "What if I had not been there? What if something happened inside? I told her she put them in a bad situation."

The man argued it was irresponsible to leave the kids outside alone.

The man argued it was irresponsible to leave the kids outside alone. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

His sister was absolutely livid and upset.

"She came over to take them home and was still in tears," the uncle explained. "She told me she would never forgive me for what I did. I told her she should be thanking me."

Many Reddiers were unimpressed with the mum's behaviour and applauded the uncle for his actions. 

"She's way in the wrong here," wrote one person. "What does she think she's doing leaving a SIX AND EIGHT YEAR OLD alone in public? You shouldn't even leave somebody of that age alone in your own HOUSE. If the dog can't go in the store, then she needs to go bring the dog back to the house, NOT the car which seems like something she would do, and then go back to the store and go ahead as planned." 

"Uh what?"," argued another. "Kids that age walk to and from school on their own or go to playgrounds in the afternoon."

Others pointed out that although she probably shouldn't have left them alone, he didn't handle the situation very well.

"You could have simply called or texted your sister to tell her you had the kids, instead you decided to be cruel and scare the s--t out of her," one user wrote.

"A text/call only takes a second. And when you saw her face to face you could have told her yourself that leaving her kids alone outside was wrong."