Mum claims this hack will stop toddler tantrums in one second

Photo Instagram @amylouisecrisp.x
Photo Instagram @amylouisecrisp.x 

For most parents, stopping a toddler tantrum seems like an impossible task. 

One mum however, has shared the simple thing she does to stop her two-year-old son from screaming the house down - and it only takes one second. 

Amy Crisp from the UK posted a video to her Instagram account, which has now been viewed over two million times, where she shares her simple trick. 

In the video, Colby her son is seen crying, when his mum tells him to "go on the step till you're happy please".

He then walks over to the stairs, sits down on his 'happy step' and immediately stops crying. He stands back up and walks over to his toys to play.

She captioned the video, "Who needs a happy step like ours?!" showcasing how the 'happy step' helps to calm Colby down and stop the crying each time. 

The video has left parents online gobsmacked, as they couldn't believe how quickly the little boy's mood changed.

One mum commented, "That step is magic!".

Another said, "This is amazing!! So trying this!". 

Amy, who is expecting her second child in December, admits that she herself is also baffled at how quickly the trick works, "he sits on it and is then fine",

She revealed her husband Michael came up with the idea to change what they used to call the 'naughty step', into the 'happy step' to see if it would help lift his mood. It worked once and they have been using it ever since, "The happy step absolutely worked, quicker than you could ever imagine!".