Mum tricks her teen into telling her he's sexually active - then punishes him

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All parents want to be able to trust their children, but sometimes they can forget it's a two-way street.

One mother has betrayed her seventeen-year-old son's trust, after she tricked him into telling her that he's sexually active – then punishing him.

In the now deleted Reddit post, now circulating Twitter, the mum explained that she and her husband have household rules that include a 9pm curfew for their son and a tracking service on his phone.

Lately though, the mum suspects that he's keeping things from her, after she noticed marks on his back which he claimed was from a 'hot shower.'

"Few days ago I told my son to watch a movie with me," she wrote. "It's from the 90s and it's called Kids. It's about a boy with HIV sleeping around."

After watching the film, she asked her son if he knew about sexually transmitted diseases, which he did. Thinking it was the right time, she the broached the subject of if he's sexually active.

 "I told him he can tell me," she insisted. "He told me his ex was on birth control for pregnancy prevention but also used condoms for STD protection. He said they also used spermicide with those two things as a barrier method.

"I got mad," the mum admitted. "'[I] said so you have been going behind our backs and breaking our rules?'"

She then called his dad and decided they should punish him.


"His dad took away his car and I was gonna take his phone, but he pays for it so I decided to let him keep it," she wrote. "He is grounded and he's very upset with me. He told me he trusted me.

"I told him he can trust me, but a punishment has to be given as he's been moving around sneakily," she reasoned, saying although she was glad to hear he's being safe, "it's not a parent's job to praise a kid for promiscuity."

However, her son does not see it from his parents' point of view and said he will never tell them anything again.

"Days have passed, and he refuses to talk to us or eat dinner with us as a protest," she said despairingly.

"Was I in the wrong for what I did to find out the truth?" she concluded the post. "Rules are rules."

Twitter users did not react kindly to the woman's post, agreeing that although rules are important, they doubt her son will ever trust her again now.

"When you tell your child 'You can talk to me, I want to make sure you're being safe' and then you use it as an excuse to punish the kid," one person exclaimed. "You don't deserve to be trusted. Trying to get your kid to open up to you is not and should not be a trap to spring."

"This is what you get for manipulating your child into thinking they have a safe space to confide in you then punishing them for what they share," another pointed out. "You ensure they won't trust you with the big s--t, and it means they won't come to you when they need help."