Mum's fury after teacher 'tapes' her son's mouth shut to stop him from talking

The mum was furious when she found out what the teacher did.
The mum was furious when she found out what the teacher did. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getting kids to stop talking in class is a difficult task, but one teacher has taken it too far - taping the mouth of a seven-year-old boy shut so keep him quiet.

The mother of the boy, from Auckland, New Zealand, said she pulled her son from class and hasn't returned to school for two weeks of term. She said the boy is missing his end of year Christmas concert because he's too scared to go back.

The woman explained that a group of boys had their mouths taped shut with plastic labels for talking too much at school, explaining her son has breathing problems and takes asthma medication.

According to Stuff, the school principal sent a letter to the parents of the boys regarding the incident, saying that all the children involved and their parents had been interviewed by the school's social worker. According to the teacher it was a game that the children enjoyed playing, the social worker said.

However the furious mother said school management needed to apologise for the incident. She said her son was so stressed by what happened he was too scared to even tell her about it. She instead found out about it from her daughter who also attends the school.

According to the school, police have now been called in to investigate as the teacher involved apologised for "causing upset". It's not known whether or not the teacher has been fired.